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Process of Our Dazzling Doodles!

The Big Decision

Once you have decided that you are ready for a puppy and that one of Our Dazzling Doodle puppies is right for you (apply here).

Next, after we have received your application we will review and usually get back with you within 24 hours. If we agree that you and your family will be the right fit then your next step will be to submit a $500 deposit (non-refundable). Once we have received payment then we will reserve the puppy agreed upon. The ($500) deposit will go towards the purchase price. 

Before pickup

It’s important that you are prepared to welcome home your new family member. Below are a list of things that we like to use for our dogs/puppies.

We do believe there are many good brands of food available and we also believe some works better for certain dogs/puppies then others. The brand that has worked great for us and this is what your new puppy will be started on is (From Puppy Food. Blue or Pink bag depending on puppy’s size) We highly recommend that you continue feeding this brand and then switch to adult at 6-12 month old depending on your puppy’s size. 

Things we recommend

  • DocRoy’s GI Synbiotics/Probiotics- Available at Revival Animal Health or Amazon 
  • Slicker Brush – (Chris Christensen) available on Cherrybrook Premium Pet Supplies.
  • Fresh ‘n Clean Shampoo- Available on Amazon & Chewy.com
  • Lg Crate with divider- Available on Amazon & Chewy.com
  • Snuggle puppy- Available on Amazon 
  • Fromm Puppy Food ( Blue or Pink bag depending on puppy’s size) Available on Amazon. 

Pickup day

Puppies can go home at eight weeks old or soon after. We will provide you with pickup dates available. Puppies will go home with his/her littermate scented blanket, 2 yr genetic health guarantee-puppy contract (view contract), health record, copy of vet check and CKC registration application (if applicable). Your new puppy will have his/her first set of shots, up-to-date dewormings and microchipped. We recommend to schedule a vet visit within seven days after you brought your puppy home. We highly recommend to stay away from pet stores, public potty areas, dog parks etc… until the shots are completed or until your vet gives you the okay. Things to bring along when picking up the puppy for your ride home as this will be a new adventure for your new puppy. (Paper towels-blanket-passenger if possible to hold/supervise the puppy on the ride home).

 Payment options:

  • We accept Credit Card, PayPal, Venmo Payment methods or cash. 
  • A 3% transaction fee in all Payment methods. 
  • Ohio state sales tax (6.5%) is added to remaining balance if the puppy is picked up in Ohio. 
  • Remaining balance is due on day of pick up. If the puppy is being delivered then the remaining balance is due 48 hours prior to departure.


We do have a few options for delivery/shipping your new puppy: 

  1.  – If you’re able to fly to our airport we would be happy to meet you there with your puppy (no charge) (Canton-Akron Airport) or (Cleveland Airport) Ohio. 
  2.  – Contact us for ground delivery prices.
  3.  – Sky nanny flys the puppy with her in the cabin from our airport and then you meet her at your airport. Or you hire your own nanny and we can meet her at our airport (Canton-Akron) or (Cleveland) Ohio. 
  4.  – Depending on our schedule we’re most times able to drive up to an hour from our home (no charge) to meet you with the puppy. 
  5.  – We can ship through cargo to most major Airports. The cost for this is from $550 – $625 depending on the size. Our puppy delivery service will coordinate the flight and will be in contact with you with the flight details. 

After pickup or delivery

We love staying in touch with the new puppy owner. Please keep us updated on how your puppy is doing and feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you have.

Ready to purchase?

Please make a $500 deposit via Venmo to @Reuben-Mast or via Paypal to @reubenmast

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Puppies need as much fun and playtime you can give them and we highly recommend Baxter&Bella puppy training to start off on the right foot from the very start. We warmly advocate starting the puppy program at least 2 weeks before puppy take home date and purchasing the lifetime membership.

This is a fun and helpful dog training program that includes tips, tricks, live puppy training classes throughout the week as well as a step by step puppy prep training program designed to help you prepare in advance for puppy. When you purchase the lifetime membership you get lifetime access, resources galore and LIVE! support, go to the Link https://www.baxterandbella.com/learn-more and use our code for a discount:


We hope you are as dazzled with Baxter&Bella  puppy training as we are. 

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