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My wife and I and our dazzling doodle family live on a 5 ac property in beautiful stark county Ohio. We both love animals and dogs have always been a part of our lives. We got our 1st Bernedoodle about 6 years ago and since then added the Goldendoodle.
We are a Licensed/ Inspected Breeder. Our breeding dogs are health tested through Paw Print Genetics and Animal Genetics. We go above and beyond to ensure our dogs/puppies are living a healthy and happy life😊. They are well loved and taken care of which includes optimal health care/nutrition and vitamin regimen, daily playtime, exercise, vet visits, teeth cleaning, vaccinations, dewormings, monthly heartworm, flea & tick treatments and grooming etc. Socialization begins soon after birth and will continue until pick up day and this will help with the puppy’s transitioning to the new home as well as with completing his/her training. Our puppies are raised indoors and they are accustomed to many sounds some include radio, vaccum, washer, dryer and more of the everyday sounds/noises. Our goal is that we can provide other families with one of our dazzling doodles and give back the tremendous joy they have brought to us.

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